Stonebridge Books Donated to Library

stonebridgelibrarydonation1200x1200Madison Gaines donated hardback copies of her illustrated books from the Stonebridge Ghost Tales trilogy to her local library, the Chandler Watts Library in Stratford. Teresia Harrison is the librarian. Click here to read about the books and to find sales links….

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Stonebridge Ghost Tales named 2015 Moonbeams Awards Silver Winner

moonbeamwinners300x440The Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fantasy series, written by Roberta Hoffer and illustrated by Madison Gaines (released by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.), has been named the Silver Award Winner for Best Chapter Book Series in the 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. [Click here for a complete list of 2015 winners.] The series includes: THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE (Book I), THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH (Book II), and the GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR (Book III). Read the series in ebook (Kindle and EPUB), paperback, and hardback. Click on the above titles to read more and to find sales links.

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The Ghosts of Stony Manor

ghostsofstonymanor200x300THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR, the third and final book in The Stonebridge Ghost Tales juvenile fiction series by Roberta Hoffer, has just been released. To see the cover painting and to find sales links, CLICK HERE…

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Waterfall Rainbow Painting

waterfallrainbow200x200btnThe Waterfall Rainbow was painted in acrylic on canvas in late 2014 as a Christmas present for my grandparents. My grandfather loves Clifty Falls and my grandmother loves rainbows, so I started with a photo my grandfather had taken and added a rainbow to it. If you like this painting, you can find it on various products on the Madison Arts page at CafePress. | Click here to see a larger version of the painting…

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The Ghost of the Frozen North

cvr120x180ghostofthefrozenorthFind more ghosts, more mysteries in THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH (Book II of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales) by Roberta Hoffer. [Juvenile Fiction > Ghost Stories (Rated G for ages 8-12) 80 pages / 26,000 words | Illustrated by Madison Gaines | Released in 2015 in print and ebook from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.When Christian Jones Arnook and his mother Allison take a trip to Alaska, the ghost of his thrice-great grandfather Jeremiah goes with them to provide protection and some unexpected humor. But what does it mean when Jeremiah and Christian hear a mysterious voice on the wind? Have they found another ghost? And what magic does the old Union soldier’s hat hold? | READ MORE…

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awards130x130purpledflywinnerTHE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE, children’s chapter book written by Roberta Hoffer and illustrated by Madison Gaines (released in 2014 from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.) was named the 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 1st Place Winner for Best Chapter Book! | Read about the book and find sales links…

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btn90x120stonebridgecvrNewly released! Read THE GHOST OF STONEBRIDGE LANE written by Roberta Hoffer with illustrations and cover art by Madison Gaines. [Juvenile Fantasy chapter book (Rated G) 62 pages black/white interior released in 2014 by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.] Click here to read about the book, see the painting used for the book cover, and find sales links…

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