The Ghost of the Frozen North


Above is the 8×10 acrylic on canvas book cover painting for THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH by Roberta Hoffer.

THE GHOST OF THE FROZEN NORTH [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer [Book II of The Stonebridge Ghost Tales | Juvenile Fantasy (G) 80 pages (26,000 words) | Includes twelve original illustrations by Madison Gaines | Released February 2015 in print and ebook by Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]

Christian Jones Arnook and his mother return to Alaska to gather their belongings before moving permanently into the manor house they just inherited in Indiana. But they do not make the trip alone. They are joined by Jeremiah, Christian’s thrice-great grandfather who just happens to be a ghost only Christian can see. When a 150-year-old ghost is exposed to the 21st century, both scary and funny things take place. Is it possible for a ghost to become more than a mere vaporous vision? Christian seems to think so. Not long after arriving in Alaska, Jeremiah is tormented by a voice on the wind. Soon Christian begins to hear it, too. Is there another ghost? If so, what does it want? Does Jeremiah remain invisible to Christian’s mom? What magic does the old Union soldier’s hat hold?

PAPERBACK [EAN 978-1-941278-06-2 | ISBN 1-941278-06-X] 6×9 library trim (82 pages) illustrated | Average Retail Price: $8.99 or less || Paperback at Amazon | Paperback at Amazon UK | Paperback at Barnes & Noble | Discount Paperback at Lulu |

HARDBACK [EAN 978-1-941278-05-5 | ISBN 1-941278-05-1] 6×9 library casebound (82 pages) illustrated |Average Retail Price: $17.99 || Hardback at Barnes & Noble | Hardback at Lulu |

EBOOK [EAN 978-1-941278-07-9 | ISBN 1-941278-07-8] Available in Amazon Kindle and standard EPUB (25,000 words) illustrated | Average Retail Price: $4.99 || EPUB at Apple iBooks | EPUB at Barnes & Noble | EPUB at Kobo Books | EPUB at Smashwords | Kindle at Amazon | Kindle at Amazon UK | Also find EPUBs at Blio, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, and more.

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