The Ghosts of Stony Manor


Above is the 8×10 acrylic canvas book cover painting for THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR by Roberta Hoffer.

THE GHOSTS OF STONY MANOR [©2015] by Roberta Hoffer [The Stonebridge Ghost Tales (Book III) | Juvenile Fiction > Fantasy & Magic | 74 pages (24,000 words) | rated G for ages 8-12 | illustrated by Madison Gaines | Released May 2015 from Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]

The Stony Manor estate in Southern Indiana is now filled with ghosts of almost every generation of the Jones family. Christian Jones Arnook and his mom Allison have come to accept living with ghosts. Just as underhanded businessmen try one more time to take the estate away from Christian and his mother, a secret letter appears with hints of a hidden treasure. Could one missing ghost be the final puzzle piece that unlocks the Jones family treasure? And what do gargoyles at the gate have to do with it all?

HARDBACK [6×9 Case Library] Average Retail: $16.99
[EAN 978-1-941278-11-6 | ISBN 1-941278-11-6]
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PAPERBACK [6×9 Library] Average Retail: $8.99 or less
[EAN 978-1-941278-12-3 | ISBN 1-941278-12-4]
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EBOOK [EPUB and Kindle] Average Retail: $4.99 or less
[EAN 978-1-941278-13-0 | ISBN 1-941278-13-2]
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Also find EPUB editions at Apple iBooks, Blio, Kobo Books, Scribd, and more. EPUB editions are also available for school and public library lending through Axis 360, Califa, Open Library, Overdrive, and more. 


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